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Our project will be implemented for 2017-2018 - 2019

Techniques such as school trips, drama, museum visits, documentary film screenings are currently used in History lessons. However, these techniques are not enough to make History lessons appeal to students. In so many countries, movies and technological devices are used in the lessons. Simply, “DIALoguE” aims to convert suitable history lesson topics into a course material with films having scene, setting, costume, story and music features. By this way, DIALoguE wants to bring new approaches to history lessons and contribute to development of historical consciousness. It also wants to contribute to EU citizenship concept with the software which will be created by student films shot by regional and transnational collaboration.

This aspect contributes to EU Lisbon Strategy and EU 2020 Strategy objective; to reach common goals and familiarizing national policies. It is possible to say that this too is unique in European countries according to early negotiations among partner countries. And also this tool can be used for the other disciplines effectively especially psychology, philosophy, sociology, biology, geography et. It will give a new approach to the learning, teachign and training activities.


Albert Einstein

For Whom

Cutting the project will benefit

The digital tool aims to establish complete learning; growing emphatic thinking, criticising and questioning individuals. Thus it is designed not only for students, but to help to contribute the professional careers of the teachers who will act as guides through the usage of the tool.

How to Prepare

How to prepare videos for the project

The tool has been made example of only through the history lesson but it is designed for all lessons. The films which are aligned with the lessons and lessons' content where the tool will be put to use will be added to the tool after being shot in the guidance of the teachers as 10-15 minute short films or documentaries. Film shootings, script and editing will be entirely up to the students. The films will be uploaded to the YouTube channel and will be added by admin.


Project scope

Because of the too!'s goal of bringing a new approach to education, it can be applied to all lessons. It is especially important to identify mutual subjects, for there is an international cooperation. It is of huge value for the project's development to take universal subjects into consideration.

How to Use?

How to benefit from my project in my class or at home

In schools where there is an Internet connection, the digital tool can be used by directly accessing the web page. In schools where there is not an Internet connection however, it can be used by installing the tool, which exists in the web page, into PC's. Because the tool aims to create an atmosphere of emphatic, questioning and critical thinking; it will create an interactive environment, thus it is needed to use the tool under teacher guidance.

Comments About Our Project

" An interesting concept The use of movies in the teaching of history is not new but the creation of customized visas is a good idea. "
Anthonio Maimon, Helsinki
" If future education is based on a technological foundation, our project is certainly a big step in that direction. Over a hundred years, the world is like one family and our project allows the use of courseware in different countries. We hope that our work will help the societies to approach. "
Dr. İrfan BÜLBÜL - Manager
" A great concept for a digital era. Use of videos with historical lessons makes learning history more inclusive for young people, and it is also good to have more choice in learning methods. "
Katri Niemi, History Teacher

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